The Mission of Church is Missions

The Mission of Missions is Church

May 2017

A Dollar-a-Month for our missionaries

Each month, there will be an opportunity for you to give one dollar to the missionary selected for that month.  We will send the total offering to that missionary as a gift from our Montavilla Family.

Brian & Lorraine Heerwagen

Will be the recipients of this month’s offering.

DELTA Ministries International and the Standards of Excellence (SOE)

Brian & Lorraine have been serving full-time with DELTA Ministries since 1985 and have been at Montavilla just as long. DELTA works with local churches across America in mobilizing short-term ministry teams and individuals for ministry terms that range from a few days to a few years and serving in partnership with churches and Christian workers worldwide.

Brian has also been the missions pastor at Montavilla since 1997, he is the lead author of The Next Mile curriculum (over 30,000 copies sold), he helped write and to launch the SOE in 2003 which merged with DELTA this year, and he is spear-heading the Israel Ministry Network (IMN) in collaboration with Jews for Jesus.

Lorraine continues her work at Portland Adventist Medical Center in the scheduling department. Lindsey and Lacie have been serving in the youth ministry at Montavilla, and Lorie is working at Mt. Herman Conference Center in administration as well as working at Vintage Church in Santa Cruz, California. Phuong is in her second year at Portland Community College.

The Heerwagens are blessed to be adding two wonderful men to the family this year:

 Lacie will be married to Chris Fuller July 7th and

 Lindsey will be married to Silas Lortz August 26th.

Special envelopes marked “Dollar-a-Month” are available in the pews every Sunday and at the information counter throughout the month. Place your Dollar-a-Month offering in the offering plate.